Monday, January 4, 2010

back to reality monday!

Ugh! i cant believe it's all over! i really dont like this time of year. i tend to get a little down after all the fun and getting together of the holidays. it just feels like a letdown after all the fun! i also am not a fan of cold weather. there's no sunshine, its gray, cold! i guess it could be worse though. at least we dont get snow! oh wait....the weatherman is actually calling for some snow flurries this thursday or friday! great! oh well, we'll make it.
enough about that. its a new year and time for some new rules! i hate the word resolutions! most of us never stick to them anyway so maybe we should just say we are gonna try our best to do better and just go from there. me, im gonna try to be better about what i put into my "big mouth" also, gotta move more! you know, maybe actually go for a walk! ha... no promises, just gonna reaaaally try!! oh, and im also gonna make myself scrap more. i have sooo... many supplies. all the latest and greatest stuff out there you know, so i may as well actually make something. you know, like a layout or card or SOMETHING! jeeesh also, im not gonna be buying as much stuff. now this one will be hard!!! im an addict when it comes to scrapbook supplies. i will still subscribe to my favorite kit club, Studio Calico, but no more running out to the local Micheals or AC Moore every couple of days! very bad! so who's with me? any of you out there trying to do better? let me know......


E & M said...

I'm going to try to be better too!!! EXACTLY what you said Kim!!! Amen, Sister!!! Mary

diana albright said...

me too. i even had to temporarily drop my sub to Studio Calico :-(

thanks for stopping by my blog. part of my goals this year is to blog more and read more blogs. and no, i don't think it would be weird if you use the same word as me. BEGIN is a good word for us procrastinators! ;-)

we have a couple of things in common, it seems. not only are we both procrastinators (as you pointed out), but i very briefly lived in South Carolina (in Florence, actually) several years ago.

here's to 2010 and new blog friends!