Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Well, I thought I was going to have the pictures of my recipe book on here by now but I had to work late so.... will try to have them up by tomorrow! I did get started on my 25 Days of Christmas book! Actually I have been getting it together for the last couple of weeks now and only have a few more days to go! Its nice having it done and just being able to record daily activities and such. I got the idea for this, of course, from Ali Edwards. She has been doing this for the last few years and it is really a cool idea! I like it because for some reason I have never scrapped a whole lot of Christmas pictures. Dont know why, just never have. Maybe I'm intimidated because it's such a special time and I dont want to "mess it up"....thats dumb, I know! Anyway, with this "journal" of sorts, I will have a day to day account of everything our family did during the month. And I will also add smaller size pictures whenever I can! I think this will work out better for me in the end. I'm gonna try it out anyway! Are any of you doing this? Let me know if you are and if you have any cool tips. I will post the first few days of my Christmas journal tomorrow! Thanks for dropping by and have a good one.


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Amber Widener said...

I have never been one to scrap a lot of Christmas pictures either. Usually what I am doing at Christmas time is scrapping gifts for other people, so I hardly have time to do anything for myself (typical). By the time Christmas is over, I am "over" Christmas until around the summer. I really need to do something like you are doing.

Oh, how did your recipe book class go? I wold have signed up for it, but I already had something scheduled on that date. I will have to catch your next class. Your book rocked though!!